-Sande Webster Gallery-Philadelphia, PA

The Edge Gallery-Santa FE

-Pismo Gallery-Beaver Creek, CO

-Micaëla Gallery-San Fransisco, CA

-Ogilvie / Pertl-Gallery-Chicago, IL

-L'Attitude Gallery Boston, MA

-K.Allen Gallery-2008-Door County, WI

-Artful Home Gallery-Madison, WI

-Chasen Galleries-Richmond, VA

-Kirchman Gallery-Johnson City, TX

-Chasen Galleries-Charlotte, NC

-Studio E Gallery-Palm Beach Gardens, FL

-Lois Lambert Gallery-Santa Monica, CA

-Coffee Gallery-Spring lake, MI

-Galeria Of Sculpture-Palm Beach, FL

-Monfort's Fine Art-Racine, WI

-Wickwire Gallery-Hendersonville, NC

-Blue Gallery-Three Oaks, MI
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Ron Starr
Artistic Creations In Clay and Glass


Since his first show in Chicago Ron Starr's work has been
featured in 25 exhibitions here and in universities,
museums, and public institutions. Available for scheduling
are the recent Arbor series, the ongoing Tree series and
Abstract Clay Vessels, as well as the retrospective

Ron is inclined to accept all invitations for exhibitions that
can be accommodated in his exhibition schedule.

For more information or to schedule an exhibition, contact
Ron Starr at 847-846-4076 enter your contact information
below and we will contact you.
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